Jonathan Murphy
Psychiatric Provider

Jonathan Murphy

I’m Jon Murphy, and I bring 15 years of psychiatric care expertise. Graduating with honors from Boston College in 2017, I specialize in Adult ADHD and optimize medication alongside psychotherapy to maximize functional improvement. Proficient in identifying C-PTSD and ASD, I integrate insights from “Body Keeps the Score” alongside expertise in toxic family systems, attachment theory, and inner child work. My approach is grounded in psychotherapy, tailored to address the individual needs of each client, with specialization in treating depression, anxiety, personality disorders, autism spectrum disorder, and bipolar disorder.

Treatment Modalities Offered

Emotionally Focused

Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) is a modality that focuses on understanding and transforming emotional responses within relationships. It emphasizes the importance of emotional bonds and helps couples or individuals navigate and strengthen their connections.


Psychoanalytical therapy delves into the unconscious mind to explore deep-seated thoughts and behaviors. Rooted in Freudian principles, this modality aims to bring unconscious elements to conscious awareness, facilitating personal insight and growth.


Coaching focuses on personal and professional development, helping individuals set and achieve specific goals. It is a collaborative process where the coach provides guidance, support, and accountability to promote positive changes in various aspects of life.

Psychological Testing and Evaluation

Psychological Testing and Evaluation involve the use of standardized assessments to gain a comprehensive understanding of an individual’s mental health. These assessments help in diagnosing conditions, planning treatment, and guiding therapeutic interventions.

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